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    I’m Back!

    Hey cyber junkies! I havent blogged in a while so in case new acceptees have logged onto the awesomeness that is Inside Siena I just wanted to reintroduce myself :) My name is Lindsay McTague and I am part of the awesome physics department at Siena College. I go to almost all the basketball games and most of the on-campus things here, so expect to hear more about those. I’m from a small town called Woodstock (New York, not Vermont or Georgia) so you can probably see why the small, beautiful campus paired with the family-like community that Siena offers attracted me. If you have any questions just leave me a message and I promise to answer them pronto! In the meantime welcome to Siena’s exclusive inside look at the lives of real college students and don’t forget to check out other perspectives of student life at www.siena.edu/insidesiena

PortraitMy name is Lindsay and I'm a 19 year old sophomore at Siena College. People would describe me as just your common physics-loving, red sox-supporting, irish-enjoying, basketball fan :) Go Saints!
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